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About the work

In Enschede ontploft op 13 mei 2000 de vuurwerkfabriek S.E. Fireworks. Een deel van de binnenstad van Enschede wordt getroffen. Er sterven 21 mensen.


PublisherEmmy Gostelie
FramedNot included
SignatureNot included

Other work

Alphabet Drawing (E)
Work on paper, 100x70 cm (w/h)
Kaas, Boter en Eieren (Rembrandkade II)
Work on paper, 65x50 cm (w/h)
White Gold
Painting, 120x90x2 cm (w/h/d)
Deforestation (South America)
Work on paper, 50x70 cm (w/h)
Bovenhuis (2) | Week 5
Work on paper, 50x70 cm (w/h)
America Under Attack (part 2 of 2)
Painting, 100x140x2 cm (w/h/d)
Hongerige Wolf
Work on paper, 100x50 cm (w/h)
Communicatie (Monitor PC)
Work on paper, 32x24 cm (w/h)